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Our teacher's name is Mr Fuller. This is a key stage 2 class comprising of year 5 and year 6 children. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Pearce and Mrs Allen.


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Cathedral trip

We had a great day out at the Church Schools Festival in Lincoln Cathedral. We learnt sign language, and how to carve stone. We also had a go at being choristers as well as a guided tour and a huge collective worship with other church schools from around the county.



Climbing Wall

The climbing wall finally arrived today. It was sooooooo much fun!


Garden fun

We have had a great time orienteering and playing wide games. A HUGE thank you to Mr and Mrs Hilton who kindly let us use their wonderful garden.


pollination experimentation

We have been conducting experiments to see if an artificial flower will attract insects. When compared with a control it was clear that our flowers were very attractive to all sorts of creatures.


Science time

We have been experimenting with the best conditions for growth of a plant by setting up a fair test. We are going to compare the control condition with the experiment condition.

We have also learnt about the reproductive process on plants. We dissected flowers to find all the different male and female parts that make new seeds.



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