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Our teacher's name is Mr Fuller. This is a key stage 2 class comprising of year 5 and year 6 children. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Pearce and Mrs Allen.


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Book hunt

We joined with Willow class to do a book hunt in the nature reserve.


More core values

Click on the gallery to see a sample of our core Christian values work that we have been doing in circle time. As we produce more, we will add it to this gallery.


Core values

We have been doing circle time on our core Christian values.

These friendship flowers show us that we can see qualities of a good friend in everyone. We each had a flower and eight random people wrote one thing they admire about us on each petal. It felt good to be told nice things about ourselves. It also helped us to realise that it's easy to be friendly towards each other even if we aren't all best friends.


Mary Celeste

What happened on board the Mary Celeste? Have a look at our freeze frames. Can you work out what some of our ideas were as to what went on?


Messy mountains - the FINISHED PRODUCT!

Having learnt to read contours to make the mountains, we learnt about the different environmental zones on a mountain. As you climb a mountain the scenery changes. We used this to decorate our models. Then we put them together to create a mountain range.


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