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Our teachers are Mrs Tuite and Mrs Parry. This is a key stage 1 class comprising of year 1 and year 2 children. We have two teaching assistants in our classroom. Their names are Mrs Haines and Miss Major.


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Gallery Image Gallery Image Gallery Image Mission 3 - To get through the superhero maze to save Captain America's shield. Mission 4 - To take a Superhero Selfie using the Ipad.



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A Visit to Dino Park!

We were astonished this afternoon when a mystical door appeared in our classroom! Despite the surprise, the children couldn't wait to step foot through the door to explore. We are so excited to write all about our adventures tomorrow... What did they discover?Dino Park

Superhero Wow Day!!!


The children had lots of fun today being superheroes.  They began the day by cleaning up the classroom of kryptonite.  The mission was to clean up all the kryptonite using only a straw!  The superheroes managed it just in the nick of time.

The next mission was to rescue Captain America's shield.  The only problem was they had to get through a maze of lazers and try not to ring the bells.  Lots of superheroes managed this.

Mission 3 was to free Spiderman from the icy den he was frozen in.  The superheroes worked in groups to decide how they could set him free.  There were lots of ideas -using hammers to get him out, spoons, forks but the idea that worked best was using warm water to thaw the ice.  Spiderman was SAVED!!!

There were lots of other activities as well throughout the day, including designing superhero passports and creating comic strips on the laptops.

A great day was had by all!!!!


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