Aye Aye island

Get set for a thrilling journey to the South Seas and Aye Aye island. Oak class are ready to perform the end of term show. Here's a synopsis to get you in the mood...

What a clot! Lord Archibald Ffolliot-Fluffit just wants to study the fruit of the world. When the Co-op can no  longer meet his needs he decides he must set sail to foreign shores. It’s a shame he’s not too careful who he travels with. There are pirates in these parts! Will his friend Jack be able to rescue him with the help of the ambitious Horace Brewster?

Horace Brewster longs to be a captain in the Royal Navy, but he has an embarrassment in his family. His brother Herbert is a horrible pirate captain; obsessed with keel-hauling and keeping up to date with modern piratical         practices.  Just maybe there is money to made out of the odd-looking stowaway on Herbert’s ship.

When Horace learns of a pirate conference on Aye Aye     island he sees the chance to lead his rag-tag crew of         reluctant sailors to win glory by ridding the seas of all       pirates. Will Archie be caught up in the fight? Will his friend Jack be able to save him? Will Herbert ever manage to    pronounce Ffoliot-Fluffit?