Roving Reporters

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Congratulations to our writers and mathematicians of the week. You can see who they are at the top of this page.

This week’s roving reporters are Charlie and Theo O’K

In Maple class the children have been learning about the rainbow fish and on Friday they went to the aquarium and the beach and on Thursday they did their own assembly

 In Chestnut class they have been drawing clocks and writing ecstatic letters to the new year ones 

And chestnut 2 have been learning about fossils the two classes have made a carnival song!

In Willow class the children have been making terrifying film trailers in the nature reserves and have started DT making roundhouses. They have been doing coordinates in maths

 In Oak class the year 5s went to Banovallum and killed jelly babies in the science lesson after making rockets and in Wood Works they made signs! The year 6’s went to Mrs. Hilton's garden to do art.