Roving Reporters

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Congratulations to our writers and mathematicians of the week. You can see who they are at the top of this page.

Today's roving reporters are Theo P and Theo O

This week in Maple... The children have been making their Airport in their AMAZING role play area! They have been given a cracking  challenge to find objects that have the same mass!


This week in Chestnut1.. The children have been making amazing masks to wear at a wonderful carnival


This week in Chestnut2... 

The children in Chestnut2 have been making AWESOME animals with sticks and leaves after a scavenger hunt in the nature reserve

they have also been learning plurals! 

This week in Willow... The students have been on a trip  to Flag Fen to learn about the stone,bronze,iron age and had an jaw droppping time! The willows have also been making a verbul recount about Flag Fen and also used charcoal to do outsanding art!

This week in Oak... We went to Woodside Falcony Centre and learnt about animals the favourites was the otters and meercats as the otters played with a tiny pebble! We also went to the field to do maths and we did perimeter and area of shapes! Today we have had two great world experts about dragon flies and aquatic birds.