Roving Reporters

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Congratulations to our writers, readers and mathematicians of the week. You can see who they are at the top of this page.

This week’s roving reporters are Dorothy and Libby.

 In Maple, they have been drawing pictures of themselves and each other to find out how they are different and unique. They have also have been learning how to recognise numbers and it sounds like they are very good at it.

In Chestnut 1 class, they have been looking at the traction man book and describing traction man. They are learning about writing instructions to look after scrubbing brush and are feeding him some peculiar things like cocoa pops ,  biscuits and chocolate not dog food [he acts like a dog] or soap bubbles.

In Chestnut 2 they have been writing toy adventure stories, doing toy talks about there favourite toys as a chestnut challenge   , division in maths and finding out how toys move.

In Willow class the children have been estimating in maths, terrifying roman training with commander Goddard and have been looking at where’s lander.

In Oak, we have been looking at a brilliant artist called Picasso who makes pictures with shapes. Paragraphs on how to win arguments. In maths we are doing measuring. We are also doing boxersise.

This week everything sounds amazing!